Amazon's Cloud Console released as Beta

Fig 1 – AWS Console in Chrome

New announcement on Amazon’s AWS Management console now in beta

I’ve really liked using Elasticfox and S3fox

But these tools require using Firefox as your browser. Now that Chrome has been released I divide my time between IE, FireFox, and Chrome so it is nice to manage AWS from any browser.

We are still waiting for some other additions listed in the “Coming Soon” column:

  • Tagging - Label and group Amazon EC2 resources with your own custom metadata to make it easier to identify and manage your instances, volumes, and other EC2 resources.
  • Monitoring, Load Balancing and Auto-scaling – View real-time monitoring of operational metrics within Amazon EC2, configure load balancing and auto-scaling rules through a web-based UI.
  • Amazon S3 Support – Create and delete Amazon S3 buckets, upload and download objects through your browser, edit permissions, set log data, and manage URLs.
  • Amazon SimpleDB Support – Construct SimpleDB queries through a point-and-click query expression builder and explore your data through a graphical dataset viewer.
  • Amazon SQS Support – Manage your SQS queues, add and retrieve messages from you queues, test and build your applications with help from the AWS Management Console.
  • CloudFront Support – Setup and administer content delivery distributions on Amazon CloudFront using a simple web-based tool on the AWS Management Console.

The real deal will be Monitoring, Load Balancing and Auto-scaling

Some of these tools have been available in GoGrid for awhile, notably Load Balancing.

Microsoft Azure describes similar capabilities as part of their Azure Cloud but this is still future too. The Azure universe is in CTP but it looks like Microsoft is very interested in coopting the Cloud, which I guess means that Amazon AWS and Google Apps are successfully changing things.

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