"Bing" chatter

Sound of Found
Bing Chatter – “The sound of found: Bing?”

Wait found what? Where’s the Bing? We Bing You decide.

Seems a bit late to be rebranding “Virtual Earth.” I know “Virtual Earth” is a long name but there was at least some symmetry with “Google Earth.”

Oops .. maybe that’s a problem?

Bing maps for enterprise

In the same vein as Fortune Cookie Bing: “Disease”
Google Language Bing =>冰 冰 => “Ice”
Babelfish Bing => 堆 堆 => “Piling”

I guess Chinese translation tools aren’t commutative. Babel, Piling, Ice, Bing, Bam for the Enterprise?

Do I detect a bit of embarrassment: rebranding-microsoft-virtual-earth-to …

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