WPF 3D Resource

I’ve been following Eric Sink’s fascinating The Twelve Days of WPF 3D blog leading up to the important release of Charles Petzold’s new book due to be released tomorrow, July 25th. Eric was involved as a technical reviewer and had early access to its content.

3D is one of the most important distingishing characteristics of WPF XAML. 3D is new to the browser world, at least in a native browser form, and WPF 3D affords a rich set of capabilities that make possible 3D web applications. Eric’s blog provides a nice tutorial with helpful pointers on the use of 3D WPF. Without going into great detail it describes his insights from developing an application called “Sawdust”. The application itself is not online but the insights are applicable to online xbap as well as a standalone program.

Charles Petzold is a legend in the Windows programming world. He has produced a long line of reference books for those needing to program in WIndows and his latest is
3D Programming for Windows

Anyone developing 3D content for .NET 3.0 will need to study Charles Petzold’s new book as well as Chapter 12 of Nathan Adam’s book Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed.

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