Since the 80′s I’ve been fascinated with computer graphics, especially as applied to maps. I work as a developer for OnTerra Systems, spending most of my time on web mapping projects, often for Microsoft customers involving .net, SQL Server, Bing, and Azure. I also get to work with opensource tools like PostGIS, gdal, leaflet, open street map, raphael, d3, jquery mobile, …. GitHub is the crossroads for all things web.

The arrival of html5 changed the direction of the web a bit for maps. New tools like raphael.js, leaflet, and d3.js can produce maps with access across mobile, tablet, and laptop devices. It is now easier than ever to build rich map clients and leverage OGC compliant web services to produce new browser based mapping tools. The early days of OGC connectivity are still important including WMS, WFS, and WCS standards and tools like GeoServer. Cloud resources from Microsoft Azure to Amazon AWS are frequently in demand.

WebGL, three.js, and other 3D web tools are ramping up for some exciting applications as maps for the web continue to evolve.


or contact at web.maps.info@gmail.com

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  1. I am fascinated by your work and ‘ruminations’. Please contact me if you are ever interested in working with us. We have some concepts for bringing realtime mapping into the mainstream that I would like to discuss.


  2. Randy,
    Since your site is such a great resource on digital map images, I’m hoping you might help me discover whether there are any good high-res AutoCAD (or equivalent computer-aided engineering program) images of the earth out there. We’d like to feature one in an annual publication of the Marquette University College of Engineering (to complement an article on engineers engaging world challenges). The following blog post included an “antique” AutoCAD image of the earth, so I’d be interested in seeing the best that’s out there and contacting the creators for permission to use it in the magazine. Thank you.

    Stephen Filmanowicz, Editorial Director OMC, Marquette University

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